Official Domain Press Release : ‘Scratch Me Harder’ .com sold by buxom domain broker in California

Official Domain Press Release : ‘Scratch Me Harder’ .com sold by buxom domain broker in California. Liz Peenus of Smoke & Mirrors Domains completed the sale

April 29. 2015 – San Diego, California – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.

The sale of the premium, long-tail and aged domain name

was completed yesterday in San Diego, California, by expert domain broker Liz Peenus of Smoke & Mirrors Domain Brokerage.

Co-brokered via the


“Pop a dime domain” auctions, the sale raised substantial capital for the seller, Selim Abdul El Selim of Abu Dhabi Domains.

“Praise God, we are finally in agreement, and domain asset sold for five figures, it’s  my 3rd sale of a hand registration, and God willing, not the last,”

said Selim Abdul El Selim about the domain sale.

Sold for five figures, the domain incorporates a brandable .com with a hashtag ready campaign,


, to use on social media or as a way of attracting barfly ladies.

Speaking about the brokered sale, Ms. Peenus – an impressive, buxom, 33 year old domain broker whose domain business is thriving – stated:

“Selim is not only a great man and domain industry savvy, he’s also well-endowed financially, and his methodology and ours matched perfectly. I will continue to broker domains for him exclusively, he’s a great tipper.”

If you have domain hand registrations that you’d like to watch them flourish into five or six figure sales, contact Liz Peenus @

Smoke & Mirrors Domain Brokerage

, or drop by Bobz Bar in San Diego after 11pm on most weekdays and ask for Lizzie.

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